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Joya Shoes

Why Joya Shoes?

Joya shoes support the natural rolling motion while walking, therefore encourage healthy walking and standing.

Joya shoes are made for supporting the natural motion process and encourage a healthy way of moving. That trains on one hand the muscular system, on the other, relieves the foot and leg joints, as well as the back. As a result, Joya shoes contribute to a wellbeing with every step.

The positive effects of Joya shoes for the body – increased muscle activity, shock absorption as well as an optimisation of the foot's pressure distribution and its natural rolling motion - encourage healthy walking and standing.

Gradually, this leads from an improvement of your posture, through to a relief of the back as well as the joints, which contribute to prevention or easing of corresponding pains.

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Packed Full Of Features

Swiss Technology

Patented technology developed by an innovative Swiss company with a long-standing tradition in the comfort shoe segment.

Comfortable Upper

Manufactured from soft, breathable premium materials combined with a comfortable fit.

Breathable Insole

Antibacterial, washable Ortholite insole. The air-permeable material provides a pleasant foot environment.


Made of tough, resilient durable rubber. Provides a reliable grip thanks to the solid tread.

Dynamic Footbed

Made of soft PU foam. Adapts individually to suit the shape of your foot: the soft, supple material gives you maximum freedom to move about.


The association AGR e. V. recommends Joya as a particularly back-friendly shoe. Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools.

Pressure Distribution

Joya shoes boost a natural rolling motion, as well as an optimum pressure distribution. In conclusion, the natural motion process is supported and active walking encouraged.

Enhanced Muscle Activity

The elastic Joya sole ensures that you never stand still entirely. Thereby, important muscles of the back, as well as the feet are activated automatically, and the posture is dramatically improved.

Jena University Hospital has performed a study on the effects of Joya Shoes on the musculature of the legs and back. They investigated the movement processes when walking barefoot, with Joya shoes, and with the conventional street shoe. The results were clear:

When walking in Joya shoes, impacts that affect the body during the stepping phase are absorbed significantly more than with conventional shoes or when walking barefoot due to their shock-absorbing sole. Joya also supports a healthy standing posture in which the musculature is activated by both micro and macro movements, which forestalls the onset of heavy legs. Joya models featuring the soft and elastic Emotion sole provide relief to muscles and are therefore also suitable for extended periods of wear.

Joya models featuring the Motion sole exhibit an activating characteristic and as such can be considered fitness equipment. Relief is also provided for the spinal discs and joints because activation of the muscles in the feet, legs and back strengthen the body’s active shock-absorbing system.

Joya's Unique Sole-Technology