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Written by Cathy on 19/06/2022


What is a Verrucae?
A Verrucae is a viral infection caused by the virus (HPV) this virus is contagious
The Virus can enter when the skin on the feet is damaged or has small cuts or scratches
Often you can get Verrucae if your tired or run down and your immune system is weak

A Verrucae can be as small as 1mm and can get much larger and multiple verrucaes can appear
They appear as either flat or raised areas of skin with a hard edge and softer centre. Quite often the verrucae have small black dots which are visible to the eye

Children are prone to this virus often being caught in swimming baths or gym clubs, virus infected cells can be shed and then passed onto others

How long will I have a Verrucae?
Verrucae can go away by themselves and often do, but it is a good idea to check for them regularly and treat as soon as possible to avoid the virus being spread between families
Check hands and feet in particular
They appear more often on weight bearing areas and can sometimes be painful.

See your Podiatrist to get the best advice

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